Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Regression

Do you offer Telephone or Online Consultations?


Consultations via telephone, Whats app, or Zoom are all possible.  I have clients in a variety of countries, distance is no issue. I have clients as far away as New York City, that I work with online. Occasionally I will travel around NZ and Australia to consult when requested by a business client or sport's professional.

Distance treatment programmes are usually a combination of phone or Zoom consults and the creation of personal hypnotic recordings that you can listen to on a digital device.


What does Hypnosis feel like? 

Hypnosis feels like a deeply relaxed state. It is sometimes referred to as a 'mind awake, body asleep state' as although you are physically and mentally very relaxed almost sleep-like, you can be very mentally very alert.  It is that drifting feeling you experience when you are not quite awake and not quite asleep, as you are just before you go to sleep at night.  It is very pleasant and peaceful.   You can hear the Hypnotherapist clearly but you are deeply relaxed. 


Will I reveal all of my secrets? 

No. Questions are usually asked when you are fully awake, before hypnosis. There is usually no need for you to talk during hypnosis, although you could talk during hypnosis.
You may have seen people on television being questioned in hypnosis. Occasionally questioning techniques such as hypnoanalysis and regression are employed but only with prior knowledge and consent.  These techniques are only usually used if client and therapist are trying to find an originating cause or an answer to a question that the client does not consciously know the answer to, so these techniques are not often necessary.  Hypnoanalysis is a technique that is usually used with Forensic Hypnosis (which I have had some training in).


What do Clients have to say about Hypnotherapy?

To read what clients have to say, click below then scroll down to the bottom of the treatable conditions page.  


Will we do a regression?

Sometimes techniques such as regression and hypnoanalysis are utilised but not often and only with the clients consent. These techniques allow the client to travel back to a significant event and describe it very vividly and answer any questions.  Regression is an incredible hypnotic tool for revisiting the past but should only ever be utilised by someone with specialised training and ample experience in this area.  Regression or hypnoanalysis sessions are usually recorded so the client can keep an audio copy of the experience if they choose to.

Will I be made to do anything that I don't want to do?

No. You are in complete control and the ability to go into hypnosis is entirely your own, the Hypnotherapist is just facilitating the experience. Clinical Hypnotherapy with a well trained practioner is a safe treatment option. Hypnotherapists are here to help people overcome their barriers and problems and we do not make fools of people! Hypnotherapy is different from stage hypnosis. You will not be made to cluck like a chicken or eat an onion, thinking that it is an apple.  Your subconscious mind will not accept any suggestion that goes against your own personal moral or ethical standards. (You have your own built in safety system!)  The client is always involved in shaping the therapy and treatment occurs in a respectful manner as you would expect from any health professional.


How can I be sure its working?

There are many measuring signs of hypnosis, some are physical signs, like tingling in the hands or feet and others are psychological signs. These signs are discussed prior to hypnosis so you can identify them as they happen and after hypnosis we discuss the sensations experienced. Hypnosis is a state of selective attention. During this state the mind is able to filter out any distractions and focus on reprogramming any self-limiting thoughts or behaviours. Almost immediately after the session, the client notices changes in his or her behaviour. (For example, the client may find the things that used to bother them no longer bother them or they find they are less reactive to a certain situation depending on the situation and the therapy.)


Looking for a Hypnotherapist in another area?

If you are looking for a Hypnotherapist in Christchurch, the North Island, Australia, Canada or USA, click here Looking for recommended Hypnotherapists in those areas.

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