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30 Days of Courage - Released



30 Days of Courage - Enhancing development & Cultivating Awareness by Christine Jacques.

The book is about broadening your awareness of yourself, realising your personal strengths, building self-worth, discovering how your think, what you think and why.  We are often so busy dealing with 'the stuff out there' that we can lose touch with what is happening on the inside.  The true self (the 'in here'), can get left until last.  And the more we ignore our 'true self', the less we know about our self and the less we honour our self. 

The book's purpose is to assist with reconnecting within, realising your truths, your resoucefulness, building self esteem, self belief, getting to know yourself better, developing real authenticity and real courage.  

Thank you to all those have supported this project.

Books are available for purchase though selected book stores and online stores nationwide.  Or visit: 

Or order a copy direct, email:  (NZ$24.99 + $4.50p&p)  In November 2015..... 30 Days of Courage became available in e-book format in English and in German - "30 Tage Mut".  E-books are available in Mobi for various kindle devices and e-Pub for eBook reader software.  For e-book orders visit: 



“The famous author J.R.R. Tolkien, speaking through the mouth of Gandalf the Grey (Lord of the Rings), commented “All you have to decide is what to

do with the time that is given to you.”
Within the pages of “30 Days of Courage” I found an encapsulation of wisdom which convinced me that one 30 day period of my life was especially
worthy of being lived. This handsome little book enabled me to navigate within the universe that is me, not only in philosophical terms but especially at the emotional level.  The experience was unique.  Thank you Chris.”

Desmond Long – Psychotherapist, Neurotherapist, Counsellor & Author, Wellington region, New Zealand


“30 Days of Courage is an inspiring little book to make you stop and think about your conscious choices in everyday life. The book has been great for contemplating and recognising life and the aspects that we take for granted, want to develop further or need to change, even if it’s the little things. I can see its value for anyone who wants to explore the possibility of personal development, no matter what stage of life or position you are in.”

Teresa Riethmaier – Senior Manager, Westpac, Auckland, New Zealand


“30 Days of Courage is a little Gem!

Small enough to tuck into your handbag or laptop satchel.  simple enough to pop open with a quick cuppa and in-depth enough to use in a diary format and take a journey into your deepest thoughts and self beliefs.
The daily thoughts are complimented by amazing photographs and the absence of grammar frees you to interpret the thoughts in alternative ways.  Love my little book of courage, it’s with me all the time”.

Sue Kersel – Massage Therapist, Levin, New Zealand




“I’m struck with how many people I meet who cannot ‘be’ with themselves. They get agitated when left alone, or in silence, and are constantly drawn to distraction. Our first and most important relationship is with ourselves. When you get to know yourself and make peace with who you are then anything really is possible. 30 Days of Courage provides a structured journey of self-discovery. Where could it take you? There’s only one way to find out.”

Alison Adams, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Inner Switch Hypnotherapy, Christchurch, New Zealand


“The only power is in the present moment. So many people run around outside themselves too afraid to go within. This book can be a tool to hold up the mirror, look inside and say “it’s OK”. I hope the reader is open to the wisdom and insights that can be generated by following the ‘30 days of Courage’ journey. Breathe….enjoy.”

Jill Penn, Reiki Practitioner, Relax and be Radiant, Christchurch, New Zealand


“Lets hope that 30 days of courage is recognised as the gem which it is!”

Desmond Long – Psychotherapist, Neurotherapist, Counsellor & Author, Wellington region, New Zealand


Author Christine Jacques in Wanaka Sun Newspaper


October 2015

'30 Days of Courage' - Enhancing Development & Cultivating Awareness BOOK LAUNCHED!!  

Thank you to all who attended the book launches in October at Lot 3 Cafe & Art Space, the Wanaka Public Library, Wanaka Paper Plus and especially to those who joined in the discussions, you were all awesome!  also many thanks to all those who have written articles, contributed comments, reviews, or shared on Facebook and generally helped get the book out there.  Your help has been and continues to be greatly appreciated!

Currently stock is available at: Paper Plus Wanaka, Lot 3 Cafe & Art Space, Health 2000 Wanaka, Soulfood Organic Store & Cafe, Old Mountaineers Cafe Mt Cook Village, Scorpio Books Christchurch,, Innerswitch Hypnotherapy Christchurch, Change of Mind Hypnotherapy Auckland or directly through this site;,,



Hypnotherapy in the local news:      "Mixing Farming and Family Life with Music" - Wanaka App Article - 24/09/2016 

Hawea singer/songwriter Anna Rowley has completed her new album, ‘Soul Humm’, in combination with farming and family life - and with the surprise assistance of a local hypnotherapist.

After a winter slump during which Anna felt unmotivated and uninspired, a few sessions with local Clinical Hypnotherapist Christine Jacques helped her unleash her creativity. Anna was suddenly inspired to dust off the songs she had written a few years ago and recreate them using her Cuebase software. The eight track album ‘Soul Humm’ is the result.

"I already had the songs, I just needed the confidence,” she said.

The mother of three, who lives on Lake Hawea Station, has two "music days” a week when her youngest son is at kindergarten, but these days she is also motivated to grab half an hour or more in her studio whenever she can - when the kids go off on the tractor with their dad, Dougal, or when they are busy playing. "You can hear children in the background on some of the backing tracks,” Anna admitted.

Her new software has also liberated her music making. Used to working with just piano and guitar, now she can use drums, percussion, strings, or whatever she feels like - even some organ sounds. She can also record her own backing vocals.

"I went a bit nuts,” she said. "It’s been amazing to be able to fill out my songs more.”

Anna described her new album as more electronic and experimental than her previous work, with some rap, soul singing and plenty of dancing beats. "I think people find it a little unexpected. I like the songs and I want people to hear them. I wanted to make music that makes people feel good and want to dance.”

Anna said she loves looping because it’s a mix between live music and recorded music. She also describes her performance as "uncharted territory”, where she is breaking down the barrier between the audience and the performer. Expect to see her dancing along too.

Anna played ‘Soul Humm’ in Wanaka last Friday night at Gin and Raspberry, and will be playing a family-friendly gig at Sailz Lake Hawea today (Saturday, September 24) from 3pm.  to listen to Anna's music visit: www.annarowley.bandcamp.comApril 2015



I am pleased to announce that i have written and published a new Self Development Book which is due to be released in Winter this year.

I do not want to give to much away just yet but basically this is a short course in encouraging self discovery and realising personal strengths. 

I am very excited about the potential of this tool for the path of self awareness and personal growth. So WATCH THIS SPACE!! 

The official Book Release is due in September 2015.  I have people who want to purchase it already and I haven't even held a finished copy yet myself. 



December 2014

My research results were published in the New Zealand Hypnotherapy Society Magazine.  The research has turned out to be a very worthwhile exercise and has opened up numerous questions and discussions in both NZ and Australia both personally and professionally, regarding cognitive behaviour and attitudes of different age groups and of very successful people or 'high-achievers'.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated, good effort!

April 2014

Raymond Parker, founder of both the New Zealand Society of Clinical & Applied Hypnotherapy and the New Zealand School of Clinical Hypnotherapy, passed away on the 12th of April 2013.  His expertise and service are a great loss to Hypnotherapy in New Zealand and to the tens of thousands of clients that he saw over his 30 year Hypnotherapy career.  He has educated many practitioners operating in NZ today and brought hope, understanding and inspiration into many peoples lives and will be sadly missed.

January 2014

Research results were still coming in thank you.



December 2013

October, November and December were largely occupied with a private research study on immediate thought responses related to particular concepts and communication.  Thank you to all that participated.

A recent pilot study published by the Neurology Research Review showed the use of relaxation music or practicing Kirtan Kirya Meditation to reduce depressive symptoms created a 50% improvement in 31% (music) - 65% (yoga) of participants.  Read more here:

April 2013

The Marriage Ammendment Bill was passed by parliament in April, legalising Gay Marriage. This as a positive step in human rights for sexual minorities and for all New Zealanders as we become more tolerant society, accepting differences of opinions and being open to changing our own veiwpoints we advance emotionally individually and as a nation. 

Febraury 2013

In February, I attended a workshop in Sydney on Suicide with Dr Alan Brast, organised by the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy.   Dr. Alan Brast is a Medical Trauma Specialist / Hypnotherapist and one of only three accredited Suicidologists in the USA.  The program included an in-depth look at suicide, understanding the hows, whys and exposing the myths that surround this controversial topic as well as the facts and some alarming statistics.  Dr Brast also discussed PTSD, current methods of treating Cancer and Terminal Illness, and a formula for healthy attitudes and aging gracefully.

"Dr Alan Brast is both an intelligent and dynamic speaker.  Watch and learn more here...”

January 2013

The 1st 'hypno baby' for 2013 was born on the 29th of January 2013.  Mother and baby are both well after a drug free, natural birth.  It was the Mother's first child and her wee girl weighed in a 6lbs 14oz.

Kate Middleton was in the news earlier this year for using hypnosis during her pregnancy.   Read more in the examiner:




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Relaxation CD's are available for $25.* 

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30 Days of Courage - A book for private exploration & personal growth.  RRP$24.99*

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Workshops 2018:

Workshop 1 - The Next Level.  A transformational change workshop consisting of 2 evenings a week over a 4 weeks period.  This is basically a life overhaul moving toward the practice required to attainment long term goals.

Workshop 2 - Courage as a practice.  This is a 3 day full time workshop based upon the 30 Days of Courage explorational journey.  Building sincerity with Self, alignment of thought, inner strength and self assurance.

Dates, prices and venue to be advised.  If you are interested in either topic please register your interest.

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