Treatable Conditions

During Hypnotherapy we are working with the sub-conscious mind, where our beliefs are created. Self limiting beliefs can affect our performance and behaviour in any area of life. Hypnotherapy can be applied to a variety of different problems because all of our mental barriers are stored in the same place.  To hear what clients have to say, scroll down this page.

Hypnotherapy is used in Medicine, Sports, Business, Education and for Personal use. This is not a complete list, so if you have a query about Hypnotherapy in regard to your particular situation then please feel free to call or e-mail your enquiry.

Sports Hypnosis

  • Performance Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Overcoming Barriers & Injury Recovery
  • Concentration & Increasing Focus
  • Motivation
  • Relaxation
  • Optimum Performance
  • Competition Nerves
  • Professional & Personal Life Balance

Business Hypnosis

  • Direction, Goal Setting & Strategy

  • Stress Management

  • Effective Communication & Assertiveness Training

  • Problem Solving

  • Time Management

  • Motivation

  • Workshop Facilitation & Presentations
  • Public Speaking 
  • Professional Supervision

Educational Hypnosis

  • Increased Concentration

  • Enhanced Memory

  • Study Techniques

  • Pre-Exam Nerves

  • Confidence
  • Artistic Performance Exceleration
  • Professional Clinical Supervison

Medical Hypnosis

  • Pain Management
  • Pregnancy, IVF Assistance and Childbirth
  • Psychosomatic Complaints
  • Assistance with Injury & Illness Recovery (esp. Stroke)
  • Sensory Rebalancing
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Dentistry
  • Drug Induced Psychosis Effects

Personal Hypnosis

  • Self Esteem

  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks

  • Confidence

  • Personal Growth & Professional Development

  • Communication / Assertiveness

  • Phobias

  • Regression

  • Addictive Behaviours

  • Problem Behaviours

  • Sexual Problems (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation)
  • Self Harm
  • Suicidal Thoughts & Tendencies
  • Eating Disorders

  • Weight Loss

  • Bed Wetting

  • Jaw Clenching

  • Nail-Biting

  • Smoking

  • Self Hypnosis

  • Insomnia & Sleep Disturbance




Please note:

Hypnotherapy is not an alternative to seeking medical advice, in fact you may be asked to visit your Doctor first to confirm that a condition has no organic base. Hypnotherapy compliments the treatments of other health professionals.



"It's a thought....... thoughts can be changed."


What Do Client's Have To Say? 


"Chris is gentle, caring and empathetic practitioner of clinical hypnotherapy. I always feel totally safe and respected in our meetings and am grateful for Chris’s non-judgmental and broad view of the world. This allows me to be honest and open with myself and to make swift progress.

How fantastic to learn how to use stress in a positive way. Thanks to Chris I have learnt to understand my body and mind responses to stress and with the aid of hypnotherapy and relaxation I have overcome an almost paralyzing fear to achieve outstanding results. I continue to use the relaxation techniques taught to maintain a positive mindset in challenging circumstances, ie. public performance and interviews. My next challenge will be to utilise Chris’s expertise to overcome my fear of flying."

                                                                                             LD - Dunedin. Name withheld to protect privacy


"Chris Jacques is simply a remarkable woman. She has given me a second chance at life, and my attitude towards the future has drastically changed. 

Through all the maze of the New Zealand mental health system, Chris was the only one who made sense. Chris focused on looking forward and gave me strategies to cope with life ahead, rather than continual focus on unpacking things that triggered my depression.  Chris was able to explode many of the myths that we are exposed to in our society which affect our self esteem. She made me realise how futile and ludicrous a lot of our beliefs are.

Chris just gets it. She made me feel safe and secure and overtime we shared laughs and friendship, which remains long after my treatment.  

Chris has given me the coping mechanisms to deal with everyday life and how to manage my anxiety. I have achieved some milestones that I thought I could only ever dream of. Chris has helped make my dreams a reality. I now view my life in full and brilliant colour. I am back doing what I love with a new intense passion.  Chris has a gift and a wonderful way of opening the doors to life.  I finally feel grounded and excited about my future.

Chris, you have given me the confidence to seize life and move forward.   I can’t thank you enough."

                                                                                       HL - South Island.  Name witheld to protect privacy


"I just got back from 8 days in the Gold Coast with my kids and new partner.  We had an awesome time and I actually got in a plane without freaking out and had a rental car and travelled around to theme parks etc no bother.

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart becasue I finally feel like I can do the things I have always wanted to do.  I still have a wee few issues to tidy up but I am happy and satisfied with where I am at because I have done more in the last year than I have done in the last 18-20 so thank you and now its just practice and pushing myself."


                                                                                      CM - South Island.  Name witheld to protect privacy


"Change Your Mind & Change Your Life"


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